venerdì 19 apr 2019

My Career

I graduated in 1984 at the University of Venice, Bachelor of Architecture.
In 1985, I established my own architecture firm in Venice. Since then, I have been collaborating with many other Italian architects on a variety of projects and developments.  Specifically, I focused my professional endeavor on green habitats, restoration, furniture and interior design, bio-climatic improvements, bio-architecture, renovation of hotels and houses.  Recently, I started to consult all aspects of Feng Shui.

I began to learn the discipline of Feng Shui in 1990 when I went to China. Then, I attended and completed a specific course of Professor of Sustainable Architecture at the University of Architecture in Ferrara.

Passionate by this school of thoughts, I further studied at the Italian Feng Shui Institute and I attended various courses about the classical discipline taught by Professor Caudio Melloni, director of the Uruguay Feng Shui Institute.

I learned the Energy from the Earth and the Sky, the electric and magnetic fields, “I Ching” the book of Changes, called Zhouyi, which is one of the oldest Chinese classic texts.

In 2007, at the Benetton Foundation, I attended very interesting seminars:  “the Japanese garden” and the “Landscape and Environment” I liked to learn from Professor Maurizio Paolillo, expert in Chinese Culture, the history and the principles of Chinese Garden’s art

In 2008, I further improved my knowledge studying in Italy and Hong Kong under Paul Hung Lik Pui, the Grand Master of Feng Shui.

I systematically applied principles and values learned to all my projects, from garden design to houses renovation, utilizing organic and bio-sustainable materials. Last year, for the Hotel “La Residenza” in Milan I developed the “ Low Impact Feng Shui  room”, applying  all my knowledge of bio-architecture and Feng Shui, in Ariston Hotel – Malcesine Lago di Garda, in Hotel Regina – Milano, B&B Cà della Corte – Venezia



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